Frequently Asked Question

---Automatic Packing Solution Line :

1. Do you produce the machine for packing solution


Yes, Our company whom with is the manufacturer for packing machinery for different kind of products feeding , weighting and packing basis .And all workers who have rice experience for machine processing , produce ,testing .


2. Do you provide the vertical form fill sealing packaging machinery?

Yes, we are produce the vertical form fill sealing packaging machine for our value customer including whole sales , trading company , project organizer , food producer and related manufacturer who need packing solution.



3. Do your machine suitable for salt or salty products packing ? How about the problem of corrosion resistance?

We have the huge experience for salt packing. Generally speaking , we would recommend you to chose the machine with surface in 316 stainless steel , and your worker need to be on time cleaning and maintaining after machine usage, we can make our promise it would have a good performance with our machine for a long time. Furthermore, we can adapt the special customize products  order with your specific requirement .  


4. Do you provide the professional after-sale services?


Absolutely yes, we treat our customers as VIP value customer & friend. We can appoint our engineer to customers factory for machine installation, machine testing , products testing ,machine training and machine maintaining , and the travel cost , ticket , accommodation , daily worker cost should be responsible by customer .

 5. What kind of drive power that machine needed ?

For completely turnkey packing solution machine needs electrical power and air power

Multihead weigher, bucket elevator , finished products conveyor and other feeding machine need the electrical power only


Vertical form fill sealing packing machine not only need the electrical power ,but also the air power basis , and air compressor need to provide by customer.


6. If need to pack more than 2.5kg of granular product into one bag,can your machine do it for me?

Yes, we can offer the completely packing solution for big volume products packing , as we have the big volume 5.5 liter bucket multihead weigher and WPM-VP730 pillow bag packing machine for that . And pls offer us more details information about your products and requirement , we will offer the suitable packing solution and machinery to you accordingly

7. If I am going to place the order, what kind of information i need to provide you before i arrange the payment ?


If all necessary information have already been provide , there is no need for others but we need your confirm with our customer requirement list which we offer to you


8. Is the pouch made of LDPE film applicable for your machine?

The pouch made of one-layer LDFE film is too thin to withstand the heat,which has been already proven during the experiment we ever did for our customer.The pouch made of double-layer compounded LDPE film will be applicale.

9. the speed of liquid products packing will be lower than granular products , isn't it?


Yes, as the flow situation of liquid products will be no so good as granular products , products drop time will be much more longer . further , it needs more time for bags sealing.

10. How long for bag sealing in your machine ?

It will take about 2 seconds for pillow bag sealing. And quadro /Stabilo bags will be take more than 2 seconds up to about 4 seconds basis , due to its need to be 4 edge sealing .

11. what kind of information you need to be know before i place the order ?   

A, please inform us what kind of products need to be pack ?

B, please inform us whats character of products

C, please inform us whats the target weight of products

D, please inform us whats the volume of products

E, please inform us whats bag style you need ?

F, please inform us whats the bag size ?

G, please inform us whats speed you required ?


12. how to choose the most suitable packing solution machinery ?


A, high quality equal to high cost

B, high cost not only for machine , but also for labor cost and after sales service

C, About after-sales service, it should be good reputation with timely, especially to food production need to choose a superior after-sales service machine factory
E,Try to choose the machine with simple Operation and maintenance,Accessories complete and full automatic dosing system with continuous, which can improve packing rate and decrease Labor cost for the long-term development of enterprises.