Wispac in name of bellowed illustration and become the culture and goal of our company  









According to the goal of our company , details been in operation by :


Talents for Root

Innovation for Motivation

Quality for Survival 

Service for Aim 

Talents for Root

Wispac lay emphasis on creating a fine working environment for every employee as well as caring for material and spiritual life of employees. We try to make every employee enjoy themselves at work as much as possible and solve their problems in time. In this way, whole staff can maintain good communication with each other, it is propitious for whole staff to taking an active part in initiative and creativity. Product design, technology customization, system implementation and equipment operation can hardly be done without persons. Persons are the main body for one enterprise and core of quality management. In the issue of quality, sense of responsibility and conscientious attitudes from persons count a great deal. To guarantee quality of products, all employees are required to possess strong sense of responsibility, to improve  technological level, work capability, as well as to carry out all kinds of system and work practices. Each one cooperates actively to create optimal work and management quality. Meanwhile, we work hard to strengthen education and training of whole staff in order to establish the concept of “quality ranks first” in their minds. Conscientious attitudes, first-class work style, good professional ethics, excellent technical level and work capability together play an important role in creating high-quality products and they are the strength of prosperity for an enterprise.


Innovation for Motivation

With the social development, consumption level of the society has been constantly improving, at the same time, all kinds of packaging equipment are in higher demands. WISPAC company insists being oriented towards market demands and develops some customized products in good time based on stable production and marketing of packing solution machines.


Quality for Survival

"In the long term, whichever market, the only lasting value standard is quality itself." quoted from Wilson, chairman of the board from Boeing Corporation in USA. To live on quality, enterprise must build unique and distinctive brand as well as win good reputation in highly competitive market nowadays. In this way, enterprise can stand firm in economic market and develop diversification of products to strive for proper living space, development and growth. To bring forth the new through the old is not only for meeting economic market demands, but also for the demand of self survival. The precondition for all of them is to improve quality of products.   

To improve the quality of our products, to win best reputation of market and to expend market further, we make great efforts to build high-quality equipment. The quality of our equipment is subject to the following factors:

(1) Product design. Our professional designer will design equipment in accordance with demands of customers to meet production requirements of customers. The quality of our designs is assured. 

(2) Raw materials. It is the foundation of product and importantly influencing factor for the quality of product. Most raw materials of our equipment are originated from famous brand of Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Italy, they have provided a thorough grounding in the quality of our machines.

(3) Production technology. According to structure and appearance of equipment, we conduct strict standard for technical process, operating rules, technical formula, equipment conditions and workmanship of our equipment to ensure our equipment achieve high-level unity in aesthetic property, functionality and practicability. 

(4) Personnel quality and quality of management. We will conduct appropriate training for our staff regularly to enhance sense of responsibility, technical level and work capability of our staff so as to shorten working period and ensure delivery time. In addition, we strictly execute 5S standards of production management in the process of production, namely, classification (SEIRI), reorganization (SEITON), cleaning (SEISO), tidiness (SEIKETSU) and attainments (SHITSUKE). Our equipment making achieves standardization, mechanization, modernization and scientific method, all processes will be adopted unified standard. Having finished manufacturing, we will carry out repeated testing for our equipment to ensure excellent conditions of finished products.

(5) Transportation and storage. We standardize the storage of our equipment and we will have our equipment serviced and operated regularly to ensure our equipment operate normally after delivery. Furthermore, we will reinforce protection about our equipment in the process of transportation and we work together with famous transportation team to ensure our equipment be dispatched to our customers in good condition.


For several years, through effective quality management system, WISPAC company has maintained stable quality of supplying and service standard, the first-class rate of our equipment reached 90% and rate of final products has reached more than 95%, our complaint rate from our clients is within 1‰. 

Service for Aim

We rank service first all the time because demands of customers are more important than anything. To help our customers master the operation of our equipment, we have established one service team to professionally provide technological guidance for our customers. We supply one-stop service about pre-sales and after-sales for our customers to construct reputable image in market and in minds of customers.